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Whether you are an individual, business leader, or a team leader, you need to invest in professional reputation management. We strongly recommend it for the simple reason that defamation is common on the Internet and conveniently easy for aggravated people to taint your professional image.  


To understand the benefits of professional reputation management, you need to understand the potential risks you are facing. The web is, in the simplest of terms, a paradise for rumour mongering people and others who want to smear other people and organisations. There is effectively no real measure of truth for things said on the Internet and all it takes is a cleverly put together narrative with a mix of emotional lines to get the story going.

It takes merely days for a smear campaign to spread across the world through the Internet. What’s more, the bigger and more recognisable name you have the faster the news will spread.

Professional reputation management allows you to not only recover from horrible smear and defamation campaigns but ensure it never happens again – or at least help you prepare for the next time with strategic steps.


When we say strategic we mean pre-emptive. The final aim of our service is to establish and maintain an online presence for our clients where the narrative is in our control and only positive messages and mentions are getting through to the client’s target markets. Our team is able to achieve this through the following means:

  • We keep a close eye on who mentions you on the Internet and in what context.
  • We flag all important instances where your mention has a potential risk for your reputation.
  • We recommend, procure and project manage from you content that is neutral or positive in nature to act as a countermeasure to your online perception when promoted effectively in search engines.

ORA manage and influence the narrative and your online reputation. Explore our professional reputation management service today and let’s start protecting you today. For a confidential discussion simply register your details and our team will be in touch shortly.

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