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ORM Services by ORA: Customised, Comprehensive, Confidential

Every client’s online reputation needs are unique. ORA develops custom strategies to suit.

What is the purpose of ORM Services

Online reputation management, or ORM, is a service which works to ensure that the online information about your business is as positive as possible, with minimal attention directed to negative commentary.

Think of all the places that details about your business can be found online—as well as your own website, there are social media sites, forum posts, blogs, and more which could be posting about your company. If any of these hosts, host negative comments about your business, then it could severely impact the impression potential customers have of your brand.

Consider how the average person chooses a company to buy from, whether they’re looking for a car dealer, a doctor, a window cleaner, or a local restaurant. The first thing most potential clients will do, is Google either the name of your business (if they’ve already heard of you), or perform a search for ‘best [business type] in [location]’. If you want these potential patrons to become actual customers, then they need to be impressed by what they see of you in their Google results. Having even one negative or lukewarm comment on the first page of these results can seriously affect whether this potential customer will come to you or if you’ll lose them to one of your competitors.

So, is ORM Services only useful for disasters, such as when unforeseen events have caused a run of dissatisfied, angry customers who want to badmouth your business across the internet? No! Although, if you have had this experience, ORM will certainly help to mitigate it. And even if you generally have extremely satisfied customers who have had a positive experience with your company, you can still benefit from ORM.

What does ORA’s ORM Services Offer?

ORM services by ORA exists to give potential customers the best possible view of your business by bolstering your online branding.

We assess your ORM needs by collecting information about your business from the web and work with you to identify your goals and objectives. Having gathered the information from you helps our team design a strategy and launch a campaign to optimise your reputation to the most optimal level from an online exposure perspective.

ORM Services by ORA vastly increases consumer perception of your brand, and with this increased positive sentiment comes a strengthened bottom line as more prospective buyers come across your business.

What Does an ORM Strategy Look Like in Practice?

Every ORM Service campaign is different because every clients needs differ. However, typically, there are common strategies employed to boost your company’s reputation including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help your official website reach the all-important first page of Google rankings. The removal of defamatory or inaccurate negative comments by making appeals to the complaints or abuse teams of customer commentary websites. Our team work with you to leverage social marketing strategies to get positive comments flooding in to your blog and social media channels. Each of the above strategies can result in the number of positive comments about your business becoming more visible, and the negative comments becoming decidedly less visible.

The ultimate aim of these various tactics is for potential clients to Google the name of your business and see nothing but positive, affirming comments from happy customers who wish to highly recommend your business and its products and/or services.

Is ORM Service only for Big Business?

The benefits of ORM Services are not only reserved and relevant for large businesses. If you’re a small business or an individual, you might wonder if you even need ORM. If you provide a good service, whether you’re a small family run restaurant, a local store, or a doctor’s office, then you might assume you have nothing to gain from ORM. After all, good service means happy customers and that equals a great reputation, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Even just one disgruntled customer can leave a comment somewhere on the web which can pop up immediately when people search for your business. And if a potential new customer or business contact seeks out your business and sees a negative opinion—even if it’s from just one individual—it can negatively impact the way that person thinks about your business in a substantive manner.

In fact, humans tend to process and remember negative information more deeply than positive information, which is why you can remember mean things said to you for much longer than you remember compliments. The same is true for your business—even one negative comment can give people a poor impression of your work, even if all the other discussions are positive. Therefore, ORM Services by ORA is something that businesses of every size can benefit from.

Does My Business Need ORM Services?

To be a successful business in the digital age, it is essential that your digital presence not only on your website but also anywhere that your company is covered on third-party websites, is as positive as possible. That’s what ORM Services by ORA aims to achieve, and it can help companies of all kinds and sizes.

ORA specialises in:

Online reputation management for small business.
Professional reputation management for businesses of any size and structure.
Medical and healthcare reputation management.
Lawyer reputation management.
Personal online reputation management.
Executive online reputation management.

We take insights from fields including SEO, Marketing, and PR, and combine these into a service to make your business’ presence on the web as positive as possible, no matter who you are or what you’re selling.

Don’t leave customers with a poor impression of your business, impact new sales opportunities for you, just because of a few negative comments. Invest in ORM Services by ORA today, and take back control of the way your business is perceived!

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