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Online Reputation Management Explained

Our strategic approach for
an effective ORM Campaign:

  • Consultation:

    ORA invests time to understand your business, its negative mentions and online goals and objectives.

  • Research & Proposal:

    ORA assesses the negative mentions of your brand, and will outline the strategy and investment for an effective tailored ORM Campaign.

  • Delivery:

    Our team of experts commence with the tasks required to deliver a long term effective ORM Campaign.

  • Reports:

    Our team track the progress of the ORM Campaign to monitor the effect on results for your brand.


What is Online Reputation Management (ORM) ?

Online Reputation Management or ‘ORM Service’ describes the process of monitoring and identifying negative and positive online mentions of a brand or a professionals name with the subsequent task of ensuring that positive brand mentions are promoted to appear more prominently online against negative brand mentions online.

Why do businesses and individuals need Online Reputation Management?

Negative brand mentions online including on Google search results has a direct negative influence on current and prospective new buyers that are considering doing business with your brand. Furthermore a negative brand mention can escalate into negative word of mouth in both online and off line business communities and other social circles leading to a continuous risk to brand reputation and ultimately sales. It is therefore critically important to position your brand in the most positive light – online. Failing to do so results in direct competitors grabbing market share.

What is the cost of Online Brand Reputation Management?

The investment of ORM Services varies greatly depending on several considerations such as; where the negative mentions exist, how strong is the authority and age of the domain name of where the negative mention is featured, what assets ( websites, blogs or other ) do you have by which to promote positive brand mentions over the existing negative brand mentions. ORM Service provided by ORA requires a custom and tailored approach for each client’s unique needs and therefore the investment is driven by the efforts required to apply the counter measures against negative mentions of your brand. To request a quote simply register your details via our enquiry form for a confidential discussion and proposal.

How long does it take to achieve Online Reputation Management results?

Branded phrases like an individual’s name or a company name can take a few short weeks or months to position on page #1 from commencement. Each campaign however requires an audit of what and how many digital assets and websites currently exist that can be promoted to positively position and influence positive brand mentions in a long term sustainable manner. It is critically important to properly assess what domains or websites are currently producing the negative mentions and how many appear to the public eye as well as what domain authority these websites have. A proper evaluation helps define the strategy of the efforts required to help create and deliver an effective online reputation management campaign.

Are there any guaranteed results in Online Reputation Management?

Similar to Search Engine Optimisation policy as outlined by Google, no ORM Agency should be guaranteeing the timeframe, nor the permanency of results achieved in boosting positive mentions of your brand against the negative search results currently featured on Google. Any company employing such guarantees and timeframes are typically employing aggressive sales tactics to win your business.

How is Online Reputation Management success measured?

An effective Online Reputation Management campaign may not require a permanent ongoing engagement. The measure of success would be unique to each clients request. From an online exposure point of view however, it is recommended that any current or previous negative mentions are positioned well outside of page #1 of Google’s search results. A truly effective and more detailed ORM Service may entail efforts to position any negative mentions to only be featured on page 3 of Google’s search result page. In our experience, each client applies their own discretion to determine as to how aggressively they wish to promote the positive search results against the negative ones featured on Google.

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