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Businesses need every source of creating competitive advantage to work in their favour. Online business reputation is a factor that can tip the scales in your favour indirectly but significantly. With a professional online reputation management working for you, this often overlooked factor can be made to give you more than just a good name.


Many businesses work with the assumption that their online presence is only something they are expected to do. What they fail to realise is the virtual world has a lot to contribute to their bottom line in its own subtle ways. If the Internet contains pieces and items that portray your business as an entity that does what people like your target audience will begin to give you room in their hearts. This kind of an emotional connection based on personal values rather than economic perks, pushes your target consumers to purchase your brand rather than that of your competitors.

For example, when consumers see you sharing activities and events on social media that are connected to causes they believe are worthy, they will feel the appeal to connect with you instead of your competitors.


Online reputation management (ORA) helps you promote the public perception of your brand online to counter negative mentions. It is a matter of creating subtle as well as overt cues about your business against your online competitors.

This is precisely the vision our team keeps while helping a client in need of online reputation management. Our team:

  • Monitor the frequency and quality of mentions your brand gets online
  • Will manage your online reputation as a brand that inspires trust and credibility.

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