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Did you know? 80% of patients today check the online reputation of a doctor or medical practice before considering their services?

The stronghold of digital media has shifted the balance of power from medical service providers to the hands of consumers. As a result, medical service providers and practitioners need to proactively work towards improving their online reputation if they wish to thrive in this new marketplace.

How Can Medical Reputation Management Help Accelerate Your Business?

It’s a digital Era

We operate in a digital era. The power of the internet is such that within a few seconds, Google displays a host of results for every search query typed. With this comes the risk of negative mentions and reviews and just about anything parading on the internet that could pose a threat to your business.

Nature of the Field

Medical industry professions including doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, nurses, dentists and others need to be especially careful that that their reputation is intact for future prospective patients to consider using their services. The nature of this field renders it doubly important for practitioners to maintain a clean image online.

Get rid of negative reviews

Tilt impulse decisions in your favour and maintain a satisfactory standing with Online Reputation Agency!

Get Rid of Negative Reviews

Negative Reviews can make or break your business and severely hamper your hard earned reputation. Commonly poor mentions arise due to miscellaneous issues like billing and long waiting lines instead of the actual poor practice by the medical professional. It would therefore be a shame to lose business because of it.

Become the First Choice

With Google being one of the most commonly used platform to search for anything-from the best doctor to the leading surgeon or most reputable medical practice, a positive search result listing on Google ahead of any negative mentions is imperative. More and more prospective patients and their direct relatives are rigorously going through their due diligence online – before considering to engage any professional in the medical industry.

ORA’s experts help you improve your web presence and online reputation by bolstering the positive search results against any negative mentions of your practice and your name.

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