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Due to the endless marketing benefits of the Internet, the virtual world has become a necessary marketplace for all kinds of businesses and enterprises. Increasing competition is forcing healthcare institutions to use every available means of promotion to get a bigger and positive share of the market. While most of them have a stable PR budget and team, they are still at risk of defamation. This is where hospital reputation management comes in.


A modern PR professional will tell you the importance of online reputation management. It’s precise, it’s clever, and it’s exactly what you need for your hospital. Hospitals are at increased risk of defamation and smear campaigns by comparison to many other industries due to the nature of business they do. Like any public organisation, hospitals deal with hundreds of patients and relatives of patients every week, many of whom are not fully satisfied and find ways to blame the institute for one reason or another.

With the Internet and social media, such people have the ideal place to start a strong smear campaign against your hospital. All they need to do is is reflect, document and share their experience online and their effort will have the potential to go viral.

A professional reputation management team can help you not only recover significantly from such a smear campaign but also ensure future instances are monitored and demoted online with neutral and positive mentions.


Our professional services ensure your hospital reputation management services translate to visible measurable results:

  • We will ensure your hospital gets mentioned positively on the Internet
  • Negative mentions are demoted online as best as possible
  • Future narratives are closely monitored and influenced and countered with positive and neutral mentions of your brand.

Harness the benefits of our professional hospital reputation management services and protect your brand today. Simply register your details via our enquiry form for a confidential discussion followed by a customised proposal unique to our needs.

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