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The influx of a digital era has paved the way for a new wave of customers. These patients are aware and tech savvy. With the accelerating usage of smart phones and the internet rendering our life easier, patients are able to quickly search for the best healthcare facilities right from the comfortable confines of their homes, influencing their ultimate decisions.

In light of this, do you think you make the cut as their first choice?

Establish & Redefine Your Healthcare Reputation to aid sales

Healthcare reputation management online is imperative for businesses today. The power of digital media has made online presence and its effective monitoring mandatory for thriving companies including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories & nursing homes. Failing to harness healthcare reputation management services, will not only strip you of a host of opportunities, but expose you to a plethora of disadvantages as well.

  • Loss of Prospective Customers

    When patients leave your medical practice, they will either be satisfied or disappointed and the latter may result in negative reviews and mentions online. These reviews typically ward off prospective customers who were hoping to use your service.

  • Tarnished Reputation

    It is crucial for healthcare service providers to maintain a positive online reputation. After all, it’s a sensitive field and customers are hesitant in committing to engage in your practice if they witness and read strong negative mentions of your brand. The negative feedback can be varied in its severity. Many patients may in fact be very pleased with the service levels experienced while by contrast a few disgruntled clients may be posting their negative experiences with topics ranging from billing related issues through to long waiting time. These negative ratings however ultimately tarnish your reputation and strip away all previously hard earned good-will in your business.

Negative Reviews can Make or Break Your Business.

This is why Healthcare reputation management services by ORA are becoming a priority for practitioners in this field.

Take Charge of Your Online Presence with Online Reputation Agency.

Our dedicated team:

  • Monitor negative search engine results
  • Influence positive search mention and results against current negative mentions
  • Enhance your online reputation
  • Boost Sales
  • Position your brand in a stronger light against your competitors
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