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Reputation is everything. Whether you’re a small, medium, or larger enterprise, your reputation is key to determining your company’s success.

The growing use of digital media, social media applications and smart phones have rendered the consumers tech savvy and smarter than before. It takes a mere click for a consumer to make or break your company- a single bad review can do your company more harm than a positive review does good! Take a moment for that to sink in.

Your company’s long term success and its online reputation go hand in hand. But just how important is company reputation management for a business?

Increasing User Base

Statistics show that as of 2017, more than half of the world’s population uses the internet. To top that, more than half the world also uses a Smartphone. As a result, where do the bulk of your consumers lay? Online! Out of these numbers, some consumers will inevitably leave reviews, some of which will not be so pleasant to look at. In light of this, companies that wish to prosper need to regulate their online reputation for their prospective user base that exist online.

Power of Negative Reviews

With the escalating number of users online, there is also an increase in the number of searches conducted. Did you know? A whopping 81% of users conduct an online search before buying a product or service? What are your chances of propelling your sales funnel to completion with negative Google mentions of your company rampant online?

You can’t control what people say, but you can control what is visible!

Take charge of your Company’s Reputation with Online Reputation Agency – ORA.

Our Company Reputation Management services assist you to:

  • Demote negative mentions of your company
  • Promote positive mentions
  • Boost impulse buyer decisions
  • Create a positive connection between your prospective customers and your brand
  • Increase your revenue – online

Take Action

If you brand has experienced a negative mention online and feel it can be negatively impacting your reputation and future sales, get in touch now for a confidential obligation free assessment and quote. Simply register your details via our enquiry form or call now on 1300 881 911.

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