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Picture this. There are 2 companies with the same standard of goods, customer service and location but one company is lagging behind the other. What’s the difference?

Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital era, it is not sufficient for businesses to just develop a good physical rapport with customers. Increasing numbers of customers are turning to the internet to search for products and services from businesses. Research shows 90% of customers only read up to 10 reviews before finalising their buying decision.

Are you sure your business is not being ruled off based on these reviews?

ORM services by ORA exists to give potential customers the best possible view of your business by bolstering your online branding.

We assess your ORM needs by collecting information about your business from the web and work with you to identify your goals and objectives. Having gathered the information from you helps our team design a strategy and launch a campaign to optimise your reputation to the most optimal level from an online exposure perspective.

ORM Services by ORA vastly increases consumer perception of your brand, and with this increased positive sentiment comes a strengthened bottom line as more prospective buyers come across your business.

What Does an ORM Strategy Look Like in Practice?

Every ORM Service campaign is different because every clients needs differ. However, typically, there are common strategies employed to boost your company’s reputation including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help your official website reach the all-important first page of Google rankings. The removal of defamatory or inaccurate negative comments by making appeals to the complaints or abuse teams of customer commentary websites. Our team work with you to leverage social marketing strategies to get positive comments flooding in to your blog and social media channels. Each of the above strategies can result in the number of positive comments about your business becoming more visible, and the negative comments becoming decidedly less visible.

The ultimate aim of these various tactics is for potential clients to Google the name of your business and see nothing but positive, affirming comments from happy customers who wish to highly recommend your business and its products and/or services.

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If you brand has experienced a negative mention online and feel it can be negatively impacting your reputation and future sales, get in touch now for a confidential obligation free assessment and quote. Simply register your details via our enquiry form or call now on 1300 881 911.

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