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Picture this. There are 2 companies with the same standard of goods, customer service and location but one company is lagging behind the other. What’s the difference?

Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital era, it is not sufficient for businesses to just develop a good physical rapport with customers. Increasing numbers of customers are turning to the internet to search for products and services from businesses. Research shows 90% of customers only read up to 10 reviews before finalising their buying decision.

Are you sure your business is not being ruled off based on these reviews?

Portray your business in good light with Online Reputation Agency (ORA)

The Power of Digital Media

With more than half of your user base operating on digital media, we improve your online image and reputation with our services. Your marketing campaigns and general services may be of a high standard, but a prospective customer might not personally visit your shop to test the results nor act immediately when visiting your website. Instead, they will use the simpler option of typing in a search query and reading up on your business’s online reviews and ratings. If customers find something negative, they might move on to your competitors.

Online Reputation Agency (ORA) helps you tilt buyer decisions in your favour by leveraging the power of digital media and enhancing your online reputation.

The Effect of Negative Reviews

Dissatisfied customers are more prone to leaving reviews, significantly affecting the number of new prospective clients, most of which exist online. Negative reviews and mentions are more likely to affect buyer decisions as opposed to positive reviews. 82% of shoppers actually look for negative reviews to decide why this business did not meet expectations. As a result, it is doubly important for businesses to effectively deal with their negative reviews in order to boost sales.

Online Reputation Agency ORA helps you demote negative reviews and promote positive mentions to propel your sales funnel to completion.

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